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Efficient & Natural Movement Training

We offer a unique method of training that encompasses elements of Pilates, Functional Movement Training and also the basic human movement principles that we all are born with, but lose touch with as we age in our modern societies.

Our aim is to bring out every person’s ‘inner child’. Young children instinctively know how to move their bodies in an optimal way, and we want everybody to reclaim this natural movement. Our methods of training are ideal for all levels of fitness and we specialise in people recovering from injuries -and injury prevention.

We can cater training specifically for over 55’s, Pregnancy and Post / Pre Natal-exercise and many other specific health conditions. We can also assist athletes and people involved in regular sports to improve their movement which will in turn improve their performance.

Benefits of Our Method of Training:

  • Reclaim your true Movement Potential
  • Enhance your Daily Activities
  • Better Work / Life Balance and Reduce Stress
  • Connect Brain and Body
  • Build Confidence