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Q. What Makes Sydney Movement Studio Different?

A. At Sydney Movement Studio we want to help everyone reclaim their natural movement, regardless of current age, fitness level etc. We believe we have devised the perfect training methods and client centered approach to be able to help everyone to improve their overall health and vitality through natural and efficient movement.

Movement is a form of expression and the more confident you feel in the way you move, the more confident you will feel in your everyday tasks. This applies to all aspects of your life and it is our Job is to teach you how do move correctly so that when you go about your daily activities you have less chance of causing injury or moving incorrectly.

We use several unique tools like the FMS Screen and RPX Method as well as our own systems of natural and efficient movement to ascertain each client’s specific movement restrictions that we can then help them improve. But we don’t just do movement :), we believe for the body to work to full potential there are many important factors, including effective breathing, mind / body connection, nutrition, rest and recovery and we work with nutritionists and food coaches and breath work/yoga instructors who can help in all these areas. 

Q. What is the psychology of movement?

A.The psychology of movement is about creating a client-centered environment where each individual, no matter what level, feels safe and secure in the learning environment to start their journey into changing and understanding their faulty movement patterns. Each session is built on positive reinforcements, so you can walk out of each session feeling you have achieved good movement and learnt something new about your body.

We also have trainers and instructors that are registered with NDIS, (National Disability Insurance Scheme) and can train clients who have a disability. Book in for a session with us today and find out how our unique training methods of combining Pilates, Functional Movement and Natural Movement Patterns and can help you feel more alive, confident and vibrant

Q.What is the Functional Movement Screening? 

A. The Functional Movement Screen was devised by Lee Burton in 1997 as a tool to screen people for restrictions in movement. The results can help exercise professionals prescribe specific exercises to assist in correcting any restrictions or muscle imbalances etc, that are highlighted in the screening process.

Lee Burton and Gray Cook are the people behind https://www.functionalmovement.com

And this screening tool is now used worldwide to by Exercise Professionals and Health Professionals worldwide.

John Cawley at Sydney Movement Studio is a certified Level 1 & 2 FMS Practitioner and also combines this screening tool with other integrated functional training screening methods including the RPX Method. Our aim is to make sure every client gets the most suitable exercises in their training sessions to help them improve their movement and health.

The FMS Screen is made up of 7 Tests that each look for restrictions in different areas of the body and you can get an overview in the following video:


Contact us today to book in a Functional Movement Screen and let’s start helping you reclaim your movement!

Email -info@sydneymovementstudio.com.au

Phone John - 0415 559 722