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Are all exercises made equal?

Posted by John Cawley on

Are all exercises made equal?

It is very important to do exercise that will help you move better and have an overall improved quality of life. There are a lot of different types of exercise routines and programs out there but each individual person will have movement restrictions and muscle imbalances that will determine the best type of exercise for them.

Too often people will join a regular high intensity cardio training class that they are just not ready for and end up either constantly exhausted or with an injury. It is great to get a comprehensive functional movement assessment with either a personal trainer, pilates instructor or physio who is qualified to do this. This is the foundation upon which a good fitness professional can assess the exercises you should do to improve your health, fitness and posture as well as correct any imbalances / weaknesses you currently have.

There are countless scientific medical studies confirming the  effectiveness of regular exercise to counteract many of the world's leading causes of disease. But this does not mean all exercise is good exercise, a lot of people are lifting weights that are just too heavy for them while not engaging the correct stabilisation muscles and this is a formula for constant injuries. With weight training it is always best to start using weights you can lift comfortably while keeping correct technique, if the weights are too heavy it will make it hard to engage the correct muscles and maintain good posture.

Too much exercise can put stress on the body and this combined with other types stress either physical, emotional or work related can cause your adrenal glands to have to work much harder, which can cause a condition called Adrenal fatigue. Many people are also doing far too many of the high intensity interval type classes in a week and and putting undue stress on their body which can lead to adrenal fatigue.

So it is clear that not all exercises are created equal and it’s best to start slowly and learn correct technique, if you are interested in a Functional Movement Screen then work with a Fitness Professional who is certified with FMS Level 1 & 2; https://www.functionalmovement.com/.

Always listen to your body and never continue exercising when in pain.

Contact us at Sydney Movement Studio today to book in your Complimentary Functional Movement Screen.  info@sydneymovementstudio.com.au

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