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Pilates & Hip Hop

Posted by John Cawley on

Pilates & Hip Hop

I recently listened to an interview with Hip Hop pioneer Chuck D and he talked about how Pilates has changed his life and not only improved his health and fitness, but also in his performances as a Hip Hop MC. In the interview he explained how his improved breathing and core strength has assisted him as a performing artist and recommends that all Hip Hop MCs start doing Pilates.


The hardcore Hip Hop icon might not be the first person you imagine stretching out in a Pilates studio, but the 57-year-old swears by the his trainer’s sessions, which are designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture. “My trainer, Kathy Lopez, invented Rap Pilates, which is kinda dope,” he tells Rolling Stone magazine. “Everything is about core strength, which I need to be able to do shows with Public Enemy and also high-octane shows with Prophets of Rage. “Your power comes from building your diaphragm, having your cardio balance and eating right. But your core is everything.”


I run the Sydney Movement Studio in Bondi Junction, as well as being a Pilates Instructor & Personal Trainer I am also a long time DJ, radio host  and music promoter so it’s only natural that I would aim to combine music and exercise.. After listening to Chuck D talk about how he has found Pilates so beneficial it made me realise I need to put together a regular training session that combines Pilates and Functional Movement with music.I have always been a bit hesitant to combine music with Pilates because I like people to focus on correct form and technique, although I have worked in the industry for a few years and have been asked to provide music at many studios.


So soon we will be launching a regular training session in our timetable at the Sydney Movement Studio for up to 3 people per session that will focus on the Core, and will be a combination of Pilates and Functional Movement with some Cardio and Strength for an all round burn to a quality soundtrack of Funk, Hip Hop, Soul & Disco. This training session  will be on the timetable soon and will be called ‘Pilates Funk Flow’’. The music will be uplifting, uptempo and all the music selected will have a positive message and will be at the right frequency to make you feel positive about the day ahead and enjoy your training session.


Too often the music being played in a lot of studios and Gyms is very commercial and with lyrics that give negative messages. Not much thought goes into the programming of music, we are going to change this. Like everything in life music is energy, and it’s very important that the music selected always has a positive uplifting message while keeping you energized throughout your training session. We are very excited to add this to our schedule, stay tuned for more info, or email us at info@sydneymovementstudio.com.au.

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