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The Benefits of Training with a Buddy

Posted by John Cawley on

The Benefits of Training with a Buddy

There are numerous benefits to working out with a friend / buddy including the social interaction, and providing motivation for each other as well as moral support and also distracting you from muscle soreness and fatigue :)

Studies have consistently found that exercising with a partner tends to make you work harder and longer, especially if you're buddied up with someone who is fitter / stronger than you. When you see another person training harder than you it generally will make you train harder as you don’t want to be seen as the weakest link.

Working out with a friend can help you a great deal with motivation, sometimes it can be hard to get out of bed at 6 am to get to a 7 am training session and a call from your friend / buddy is all you need so you don’t miss a workout. The other advantage to training with a friend is that it usually makes the workouts more fun due to the social interaction.

Another advantage of training with a friend / buddy is that you could possibly save money, there are numerous incentives for people to bring a friend to group training sessions and receive a discount or when 2 people train with a personal trainer it reduces the cost for each person.

So what are you waiting for?, contact a friend today and get them to train with you and contact us at Sydney Movement Studio to enjoy all of the benefits above :)

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